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Chapter 1: The Supervisory Challenge and Management Functions



Maturity is many things. Some people see it as the ability to base a judgment on the big picture, the long haul. Others think it means being able to resist the urge for immediate gratification and opt for a course of action that will pay off later. What does maturity mean to you? Does a young supervisor need to work harder than an older supervisor to prove his or her level of maturity? Why or why not?


Define each of the managerial functions. Are these functions adequate to describe the complexities of today's managerial positions? Discuss.


A new supervisor wanted to ensure that his employees still saw him as “one of the gang”. When giving directions to employees, the supervisor would often state that “I don’t agree with this, but here’s what management wants us to do.” Comment on this supervisor’s way of dealing with being the “person in the middle.”


Explain how a supervisor’s planning activities differ from those of upper level managers.


How would you respond to someone who suggests that the principles and functions of management apply to all organizations? Justify your response.

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